Thursday, April 9, 2009

Project Plan

Yesterday we submitted our project plan. Included is a modified proposal, which now consists of the general abstraction of the human computer interaction barrier with the input of an accelerometer. Where the reasoning is that if a paradigm is developed to create interactive and intuitive applications we do not need to reinvent the capture methods for any of these types of applications. Examples including,
  • motion driven applications, that is to accomplish a task we perform a common movement associated with the task

  • ergonomics in developed applications, this is to allow the user to be more comfortable in accomplishing some task

Figure: System Block Diagram (tank reciever left, user transmitter right)

Click picture for higher resolution

The system block diagram was developed along with two finite state machines describing each of the actions, that is of the user transmitter and the tank reciever.

This version of the project plan can be downloaded here.

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