Thursday, April 2, 2009

Draft Proposal

We received feedback on our draft proposal. The modifications necessary are to not focus on
autonomous control, allowing our focus to be directed on the human interface device; this feature may still be added later.

The need statement must be modified to demonstrate the benefit of operating with accelerometer based control.
  • Show psychological evidence that accelerometer input devices are more intuitive
  • Compare with current accelerometer based input devices (iPod Touch/ iPhone) type devices. This may include to have calibration on start up, so the user does not have to fight the input and rather feels where the tank would like to move to.
  • Compare accelerometer based input to standard game pad/joystick input

Marketing requirements should describe what our final prototype will include, such as

  • Size of tank and input controller
  • Sensors
  • Feedback to the user (Display distance to an obstacle, sound alerts, etc.)
  • How user will provide input

Level-0 description needs to be modified to include the device layers of

  • The tank
  • User input transmitter/receiver
  • Tank transmitter/receiver

And, to modify our behavior to read more as pseudo C code.

Read the original email from Dr. Coulston Here.

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